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Medical Clinic Plan

We are working in partnership with the leadership of South Sudan, both at the local and national level to build this medical clinic for the people in the area who need it most. The main objective is to build a medical clinic that will cater to about 25,000 men, women and children.The cost will be $300,000 for all requirements. It is hoped that the medical clinic will:
  1. Be open by the Spring of 2013
  2. Deliver pediatric, maternal health, and referrals
  3. Provide much needed medicine 
  4. Provide rapid, and accurate diagnosis
  5. Deliver fast, relevant and effective treatment for emergency diseases
  6. Utilize high quality and modern medical technology
  7. Employ experienced knowledgeable medical personnel from the United States, Canada, and  Europe.

The project is divided into phases beginning with:

Phase One:

  1. Setting up a medical compound with an enclosure for a generator to power the residence and other important amenities
  2. Outpatient Unit
  3. X-ray
  4. Pharmacy
  5. 3 consulting rooms
  6. 8 short-term Stay Beds
  7. A conference Room

Phase Two:

  1. Mobile Clinic and ambulance
  2. Outreach campaign for treatment, referrals, vaccinations and preventative care

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